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Mt. Norikura is located on the southern edge of Japan’s Northern Alps and is part of the Chubu Sangaku National Park.


Norikura encompasses a 20km. range of large mountains with 23 peaks and also includes 7 ponds and 8 plains. These natural wonders provide beautiful scenery in all seasons.

Hiking options include the possibility of reaching the highest peak (Kengamine) at 3,026 metres.


From the starting point of 2,700 metres at Tatamidaira parking lot, it takes about 100 minutes to reach the top of Kengamine.


This is one of the easiest hikes to the high alpine of the Japanese Alps. However, one must be very aware that weather conditions can change dramatically and quickly.


It is important to be fully prepared with proper clothing and gear before setting out on your adventure in the Norikura area.






In 2017 the Norikura Hut will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. In 2015 we began the first renovation of the hut in 80 years and this will be completed by the fall of 2017.



The original hut was in the same location and was used as a rest stop for ascetics during their climbs. It was a wooden hut made in the traditional style of the region but with stones placed on the roof to secure it against strong winds. Over time, this hut was continuously repaired as the harsh alpine conditions took their toll.



Along with the renovation, we are building a new smaller hut which will include an observation area and gallery. We hope to be an integral part of the developing relationship between recreation and nature in the Norikura area.

The hut is located directly on the main hiking route to Kengamine peak. In 2017 the hut will open from May 15 to the end of October and daily from 9:00am to 3:00pm. During the high season, we will open from dawn.


Please note: due to weather conditions, we might be closed without notice.


We provide coffee, drinks and snacks and a nice resting point on your way up and down the mountain.


We also sell t-shirts, pins and other mementos which will remind you of your hike.

All the items we sell are created locally by the hut’s owner and their friends and only be found at our hut.  


We also provide 10 minutes of free WiFi but recommend turning off your mobile devices to enjoy the natural surroundings uninterrupted.






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