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Course Guide to the Top


Course Time to the Summit

A, Tatamidaira → Katanokoya(40分) → Mt Hutt(50分) → Mt Kengamine(10分)

B, Katanokoyaguchi → Katanokoya(30分) → Mt Hutt(50分) → Mt Kengamine(10分)

Route Map

➊ You will soon reach the Katanokoya rest stop.  Behind the building, you will find the trail head to Kengamine peak (3,026m).  This is your last opportunity to use a proper restroom on the trail.

➋ The initial part of the trail will be scree with loose rocks. Be careful with your footing in this area, especially on the descent.

➌ 25 minutes later you will reach the mid point of the trail and will begin to see larger rocks.

➍ Once you have passed through the rocky area, you will be more than halfway up the trail. Continue up to Kodamadake peak.

➎ You will see the peak of Kengamine high above in the distance. You will next reach the small signpost for Kodamadake. Reaching this point should take about 45 minutes from the trailhead.

➏ 50 minutes later from tha trailhead. you will reach our hut. Please stop for a short rest before completing the final 10 minute walk to the summit. Every few steps up will provide an increasingly beautiful view to the surrounding peaks.

➐ On the Nagano Prefecture side of the peak you will see the Norikura Asahi Shrine and there is also the trailhead for the Senmachi trail.

➑ On the Gifu Prefecture side you will see the signpost indicating 3,026 metres. Dainichidake will be in front of you (no trespassing in this direction) and you will see Mt. Ontake further in the distance.

Make a sharp right turn and as you continue you will see Kiezunoke pond on your right (no trespassing around the pond). You will also see some wooden steps which will take you to a field of flowers (in summer) and then back to the parking lot. Just ahead you will see the trailhead for Fujimidake.

Figure A

From the bus stop, start walking on the gravel road. After about 10 minutes you will reach point A.

At a Y intersection, keep left. The route to the right will take you to the Korona Norikura Solar Observatory which is closed down and you should not trespass in this area.

View from the HUT  Figure B

As you return down the trail, please stop at our hut to celebrate your hike to the top of the Norikura and to enjoy the stunning views of the Japanese Alps. You will also be able to see the entire hiking route from our terrace.

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